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Nigerian-Turkish biz relations receive boost

The Association of Investors and Businessmen of Turkey and Nigeria (AIBTN) on Wednesday launched its corporate office in Abuja as part of effort to take bilateral economic and business ties between both countries.

The Secretary General of the association Mr. Yavuz Zemheri said the association was formed to foster good business relationship between Turkey and Nigeria. He also said that membership was open to all with good and sincere intentions.

The Minister, Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Senator Bala Mohammed, at the occasion, said the FCT will partner with Turkish investors interested in taking advantage of its one-stop investment shop.

The minister said Nigeria had always had good relations with Turkey, adding  that there has been remarkable improvement with the influx of Turkish investors into the country. The Minister also made known to dignitaries present that the FCT was ready to partner with Turkish investors who had earlier expressed interest in investing in amusement parks, hotels and shopping malls.

Turkish Ambassador to Nigeria, Ali Rifat Koksal, responding to the Minister’s speech, said Turkey is an emerging economy with a global reach and would continue to invest in Nigeria. He said the association (AIBTN) would improve trade relations with Nigeria which grew by 50 per cent last year.

He called on Nigerian investors to come to Turkey in view of its astronomical growth in recent times, stating that Turkey is the 16th largest economy in the world,  and also the sixth in Europe with a construction sector that is only second biggest to China’s in the world.

Extending invitation to Nigerian businessmen, the Secretary-General of AIBTN, Mr. Yavuz Zemheri, said the association was established to foster bilateral relations between the two nations and was opened to persons of moral values and integrity.

Alhaji Mustafa Bello, the Executive Secretary of Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission, says Turkish investments in Nigeria have hit 200 million U.S Dollars (about N32 billion) from 2006 to date.  Alhaji Bello encouraged Nigerians to take advantage of the business opportunities that has been opened with the formal opening of the corporate office.

Mr. Yilmaz Kemal told Weekly Trust at the event that the FCT had a lot to benefit from Turkish business. “We have a lot to benefit from each other because Abuja has a lot of potentials begging to be exploited and if we do it sincerely the outcome will be positive for both sides” he also hoped that with the official launch of the corporate office it would help deepen existing relations between both countries.

Chief Franklin I. Okoye, President Frank Woopet INC, said “there was need for the both countries to join collaborate in doing business as they both something to offer each other. “There is a lot to benefit from this type of association. For instances there is a need for a hotel around Abuja Airport which on the other hand if there was any it would thrive very well as we have a huge influx of people both local and foreign coming into Abuja”

Ali Kazan a Turkish Businessman said “it’s an impressive turn out and I’m very glad that this kind of initiative was thought about.” He called on Nigerian investors to partner with the Turkish investors, who he said had shown impeccable quality control and had not fared badly anywhere they did business. He said his country believed that Nigeria had a lot of untapped business potentials hence the desire to do business in the country. He expressed hope that the association would improve business relations between the two countries.

The event was graced by Nigerian businessmen and women along with their Turkish counterparts who all meet to exchange ideas and business opportunities.


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