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Parents of missing man accuses Kano SSS

The mysterious disappearance of a 20-year-old man in Kano has pitched his family against the SSS in the state.

It is almost two months since Nura Iliya, 20, left his parents home at Zango Dakata, in Nasarawa Local Government Area of Kano State with a friend, but his whereabouts is still unknown.
Nura’s mother, Malama Zulai Iliya who narrated what happened to Weekly Trust said on that fateful day, January 16, 2013, her son’s  friend, Ado Abdullahi who arrived Kano from Lagos came to their house and took Nura in his car around 6pm. “Shortly after they left the house, Ado called to tell us that they ran into trouble with the SSS for passing through the route which unknown to them was closed. He said as they were going, they heard gun shots from the direction of the SSS office, so he stopped the car, because they were scared. He said he ran into a nearby house to hide, but did not know the direction Nura took,” she explained.
She said “Ado told us that the SSS operatives had followed him into the house and arrested him but as they came out, he noticed that Nura’s side of the door was left open, but there was no sign of him and when he asked the SSS operatives they said they don’t know where he is.”
She further explained that when Nura’s father learnt about the incidence, he put a call to the SSS office to confirm and was told that they had both friends with them, but on visiting the office, the statement was changed as he was told that it was only one person in their custody.
Though Ado was released on bail after spending eight days in detention, his friend is nowhere to be found and no convincing explanation was given to his parents by the SSS. The parents are, therefore, accusing the SSS of either killing their son or detaining him in an unknown place.
Reacting to the allegation, the SSS’s spokes person, Bashir Muhammad said the Service has no hand in Nura’s disappearance as according to him, they are also looking for him. “We have no hand in his disappearance as we are also looking for him and if we get him today we shall arrest him so as to come and explain certain things to us; and if we are satisfy with his explanation, we shall release him and also release the car to his friend,” he said.
He explained that the SSS is suspecting Nura and his friend Ado intended to attack their office based on some findings. “In the first place, we are accusing them of coming with the intention of attacking our office based on some findings. First, the car they were driving has no plate number and while coming, they took the back route that is just protected by a temporary zinc fence which can be easily pushed down,” said Muhammad.
The spokesman further explained that inside the car there is a wiring from the boot to the bonnet, which according to him, could be used to detonate an explosives. He said it is based on these findings that the SSS are suspecting the duo of the intention to attack their office.
Asked why Ado was released on bail despite strong suspicion that they have intention to attack the office, he said he was allowed to go, because of pleas by some members of the community. He urged those who ply that route to bear with the Service over its closure, saying the measure was taken for security reasons.


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