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The presidential blunder in Kano

At the heat of the national outrage over the very disturbing insecurity and escalation of violence across Nigeria, the president, Goodluck Jonathan and his crew of desperate PDP leadership were in Kano on Tuesday to perform what has now become a ritual of what they call ‘unity rally’.

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How to lie with statistics

“What troubles you?” I asked my  rather flustered friend when I visited his room on campus. You should know that my friend is smart and not easily flustered.  At your first meeting with him, he at once strikes you as someone who has answers to any challenge you throw at him. 

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Desperation 2015

The developments in the Nigerian polity are clearly pointers to the desperate desire of the Jonathan administration to win the presidential elections in 2015. Already, several conspiracy theories are all over the air.

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Before all are consumed

I think the state of insecurity in Nigeria is increasingly becoming alarming. Last week Sunday, it was reported that some suspected Boko Haram members arrested and detained at the Asokoro headquarters of state security attempted to escape and in the process, some security officials were wounded while all the arrested suspects were killed in what the official statement claimed was cross fire.

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Referendum and Jonathan’s Conference

While declaring the National Conference open on Monday this week, President Goodluck Jonathan made very many statements typical of those he has made earlier and only to retract them a few days later.

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