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  • By Angie. Jen. I

    Bethel Kids

    These Kids Are Amazing When They Sing!, You Can tell God Uses These Kids... Good Job Guys!.
  • By BMBMW

    More Please!!

    There is nothing like this available anywhere!! I don't know of anything more needed in the body of Christ than this!! Transformative! Well done Bethel Kids!
  • By JohnnyAZ1465

    No Anointing

    It is sad to see this kids dancing like the world does. Dancing for God isn't supposed to be like these kids dance. All these kids dance in the flesh, not in the Spirit. And God only receives the praise and worship if it is done in the Spirit. As He in his Word says that He is Spirit, so we need to dance in the Spirit. And worship him in Spirit and in truth. All if these people saying that this album and the videos are anointed, you are wrong. None of this comes from the Holy Ghost, and you don't have discernment from the Holy Ghost. Repent and pray to God for forgiveness because all of you people are blind. May God be with all of you, God Bless!
  • By Herfathersdelight


    No better way to build a hunger for God early on in a child’s life!
  • By MNBe

    My Kids LOVE this!

    My kids absolutely love this album. They especially love watching the videos and singing and dancing along! I love hearing their worship and seeing them be inspired by other kids to be excited about worship.
  • By TiptoninHtown

    A Father Cries

    I think of my daughter singing “You Make Me Brave” and I can’t help but cry. It is such a humbling and innocent project. I love this and thank God for giving this to the church. Very well done.
  • By Avega116

    My Kids Love It

    this is an awesome album, but i wish came with Chasing you Video
  • By taemiii7

    So powerful!!!

    Wow, this CD just blows me away! Not only are those kids super talented but the truth they carry inside of them is just absolutely astonishing. Can’t wait for their next album :D
  • By taylormalia

    Incredible album!!!

    Love working and listening to this album, driving and listening, eating and listening, writing and listening and it's an awesome album to work out to too! Not an album that's just for kids!
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