Paul McCartney - Egypt Station

"Egypt Station" is a musical release by Paul McCartney on 07 Sep, 2018. The content of the music is known to be non-xplicit and it contains a total of 16 song(s). You may check reviews for "Egypt Station" in the review section below or view more songs and albums from Paul McCartney by clicking the name.

Egypt Station

Paul McCartney

  • Genre: Rock
  • Music Official Release Date: 2018-09-07
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Number Of Tracks: 16

  • Capitol Records; ℗ 2018 MPL Communications Inc/Ltd, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.
Paul McCartney - Egypt Station


NO Preview Title Artist Time
1 Opening Station Paul McCartney 0:41
2 I Don't Know Paul McCartney 4:26
3 Come On to Me Paul McCartney 4:10
4 Happy with You Paul McCartney 3:34
5 Who Cares Paul McCartney 3:13
6 Fuh You Paul McCartney 3:23
7 Confidante Paul McCartney 3:04
8 People Want Peace Paul McCartney 2:59
9 Hand In Hand Paul McCartney 2:35
10 Dominoes Paul McCartney 5:02
11 Back In Brazil Paul McCartney 3:20
12 Do It Now Paul McCartney 3:17
13 Caesar Rock Paul McCartney 3:29
14 Despite Repeated Warnings Paul McCartney 6:57
15 Station II Paul McCartney 0:46
16 Hunt You Down / Naked / C-Link Paul McCartney 6:22


  • By nonicknameilike


    You still got it Sir Paul.
  • By A true honest review


    Just incredible :-)
  • By Trust and Us


  • By nkrinock

    Bunch of Asshats

    This album was a beautiful journey, and though as a 17 year old I tend to listen to more modern genres such as hip hop, I found myself enjoying it quite a lot. I keep reading this criticism talking about how he should stop making music because he’s old. Here’s a tip. He’s an artist, and 99% of art is enjoying it for yourself. I see the same criticism with any friends other older musicians (may it be aging rock stars, country stars, or even aging rappers) and it’s plain arrogant. Everyone gets old and that’s life. So if you think that because someone’s old they should stop creating, stop doing what they love, then you have no right to criticize them for it.
  • By VegasM777

    Sir Paul still has it!

    Excellent album. Can’t wait for the next one!
  • By Matt10:16

    Another late career gem

    Not perfect, not as great as Electric Arguments, but still a great album. He’s racking them up since the late 90s and hasn’t made a bad one beginning with Run Devil Run... after many up and down and questionable albums of late 70s, 80s and early 90s... a remarkable career and a joy to be a fan of... seriously these are all good albums (not to mention his love stuff): Run Devil Run ***** Driving Rain **** Chaos and Creation in the Backyard **** Memory Almost Full **** Electric Arguments ***** New **** Egypt Station ****
  • By BigMaccafan


    Maybe not his best but a very solid effort. I wish he would have included Get Enough, which I really enjoy. Lots of solid tunes included in this project. Long live Macca!!
  • By Rakisaki2

    Super Fresh

    This record feels like he had a cache of material and threw it out there.....and it works. It seems like Paul's personal "White Album". Its really cool that someone who has his body of work is still putting out relevant music. I know, people have a problem with "Fuh You".....but how about,"Why Don't We Do It In The Road"?
  • By solarsunstar

    So powerfully good..not to be compared!

    This album , in my estimation is the best ever from Paul Mc Cartney…!! the most enduring musician and witer of our time and in some ways all time and that says a lot.. being a classical musician and having roots in the 60's I know the trajectory well... but this is enough to literally make me cry.(with sheer joy!) Why! The lyrics are about Climate change and certain US presidents!) (despite dire warnings!) Wow is an understatement..seriously...and his candidness on Happy with you, honest and clear! a statement that needs to be heard.., and Who Cares? (and the fantastic video that goes with it on youtube!! I wacthced it 15 times over and tackles th eissues of bullying and negative people and how to "deal" with them. Paul speaks with authority after 50 years of hits...and his musicianship is so comprehensive....but really not being a rock fan..these days I LOVED it… am so charged by its richness and the variety and passion and polish.. It plugged me in and charged me in a way that nop media could do...authentically! "People Want Peace" is truly a critical piece for our times. The world is so weary of war and killing and an economy devoted to this...'Do It Now" makes a popint about not [rocratinating on making your personal puspose and vision manifest...dont put it off and regret it!! (It concerns me though as I read into this that Paul might sense something about his being here on this planet too much longer????...Oh dear! .....I truly did not know Paul could create so many worthy songs in one album,..but going back to Sarg…. Pepper I realized I had some revival to do..."(Fixing a Hole!!the latest remaster!!) “Dominos” has some very creative coal tonalities…always variety and new styles to enhance the entire experience! Hunt you down /naked/c-link is peak experimental genius and the “blues tendency “ on his solo on C-Link is radically good…so much soul and experience packed into that……all the snags are top level.. The Back in brazil” demonstrates Mc cartney’s ability to mimic any style and that means any… Paul…. does not have not answer to any reviews or self proclaimed critics..he is somber beyond it…there is LOTS of musical innovation in this albums. there is no reason to compare any song on this album to any other to his work is new it is classic mc carney and of that means “new” …,limit pushing…Paul’s voice i have watched all of his videos in the last 10 years the concerts and i was amazed at his voice..76 years old? really…he has changed the world ..literally mc carney is an evolutionary force of nature. as far as any self proclaimed critics with bad reviews, he wrote “”Who cares “ just for you… as loggins and messina wrote “Your mama don’t dance! this music comes from the soul of genius that blew our minds with “when I'm 64” (love those clarinets remastered!!!!! elan sun star,...hawaii.
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