Imagine Dragons - Origins (Deluxe)

"Origins (Deluxe)" is a musical release by Imagine Dragons on 09 Nov, 2018. The content of the music is known to be non-xplicit and it contains a total of 16 song(s). You may check reviews for "Origins (Deluxe)" in the review section below or view more songs and albums from Imagine Dragons by clicking the name.

Origins (Deluxe)

Imagine Dragons

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Music Official Release Date: 2018-11-09
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Number Of Tracks: 16

  • ℗ 2018 KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records
Imagine Dragons - Origins (Deluxe)


NO Preview Title Artist Time
1 Natural Imagine Dragons 3:09
2 Boomerang Imagine Dragons 3:07
3 Machine Imagine Dragons 3:01
4 Cool Out Imagine Dragons 3:37
5 Bad Liar Imagine Dragons 4:20
6 West Coast Imagine Dragons 3:37
7 Zero Imagine Dragons 3:30
8 Bullet In A Gun Imagine Dragons 3:24
9 Digital Imagine Dragons 3:21
10 Only Imagine Dragons 3:00
11 Stuck Imagine Dragons 3:10
12 Love Imagine Dragons 2:46
13 Birds Imagine Dragons 3:39
14 Burn Out Imagine Dragons 4:33
15 Real Life Imagine Dragons 4:07


  • By SpringHeart9

    Ralph Breaks the Internet!!!

    I love that movie!!!!!!

    Da best EVER

    I just love this album it’s just when I get teased I listen to these songs especially zero
  • By eeb2314


    Genuinely confused how this album is so underrated! Love every song except digital, that one’s kinda weird, but other than that this album is great and, as I said before, actually confused how it isn’t more popular. Imagine Dragons deserves better. chefs kiss. so great. so amazing. so cool. thanks for blessing my ears.
  • By SergeantTyler

    Imagine Dragons FTWWW

    Y’know, I honestly thought that when Evolve was released, Imagine Dragons couldn’t get any better. I was so wrong, they dropped this album right on top of that statement and they just keep getting better and better. Their songs have helped me get through tough times and life, and joyous times. I can’t wait for their next album. Imagine Dragons will always be one of my all time favorite bands!!!
  • By chicmessy

    True ID

    Don’t listen to the Naysayers! It’s true blue Imagine Dragons. Equal to anything they have produced previously. Pop? Of course it’s pop. It’s always been pop. When we’re you born? Genres have been crossing for 20 years now. Try to keep up. And don’t listen to KittyCraft94 she clearly has no creative intuition. God is foremost in my life and I’m not offended. Truth is out there and we all rationalize at our own pace. Good music! Rock on!
  • By Unicorn!!! 🦄

    Great Album!

    This is a great album. It was my favorite (until I discovered Smoke + Mirrors!), and my favorite songs are Natural, Bad Liar, Bullet in a Gun, and West Coast. I also enjoy how the albums tell a story; 1. Night Visions The beggining of everything, it describes how things start out. Like when you have "night visions" (nightmares and dreams) about the way things are. 2. Evolve This "evolves" to show where things are now. It shows that they're in a different place, that things are better or worse. 3. Smoke + Mirrors Nothing is real. Everything is fake. It's all "smoke and mirrors." This is describing the faults in a person. 4. Origins "Origin" (noun): point where something begins. I think that pretty much sums it up. They need to restart, go back to the beggining. That's where they were better off anyway, right? I mean, if everything is all messed up, shouldn't you start at the beginning? If you listen to this on Spotify, you may have noticed the Genius lyrics for Bad Liar. They lightly note the hidden messages. They'd quoted Dan Reynolds' Twitter. It was about how he was a "bad liar", he couldn't lie about his relationship to himself, or to Aja. It wasn't until I started listening to Smoke + Mirrors that it clicked between every single song and the Bad Liar Genius lyrics. I realized that, strung together, the albums told a story. Something I didn't realize because I payed attention to the song titles, not the album titles. I realized this listening to the album Smoke + Mirrors because it was the only one that had a song in it the same name as the album. The song was all about how everything was fake. Nothing was real, nothing was reliable. Which was when I realized what the album title meant, making me realize what the other album titles mean.
  • By BiggestSonicFan

    Most songs sound the same

    Origins isn’t a favorite of mine, there are only a few songs I enjoy, mostly because I can hear something other than a beat in those songs. The songs sound very similar and artificial, it’s hard to listen to them without forcing myself.
  • By fortnite cranker

    I love these songs

    Your a natural I feel as hot as stone
  • By dj076


    Listen I don’t really like zero to be honest. I love natural!!! OMG I love it! Thanks guys!
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