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Elvis Presley

  • Genre: Concert Films
  • Music Official Release Date: 2018-12-31
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
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Elvis Presley -


NO Preview Title Artist Time
0 Elvis Presley: '68 Comeback Special (50th Anniversary Edition) Elvis Presley 13:41


  • By NHL NBA


    Why is this out in full screen and not widescreen? Please update this to widescreen. This is a great concert but it would be better in widescreen. Also please release the full version of this concert. I noticed there are some parts of the original concert that are missing.
  • By Summertime1989

    Have some songs been cut?

    I grew up watching this movie and there were a few scenes that I remember and I feel they were cut from this version; when he sang blue Christmas with the one woman, a little less conversation, and when he sang it hurts me to big boss mans woman. There were probably a few more but has this new release really cut some of the songs from the original special? I still loved it, but it hurts me is probably my favorite part of the whole special and it’s not in there.
  • By JackBakerMO

    Best Elvis - Disappointing Release

    To me this show was the purest Elvis in the sit down sessions. After seeing The Searcher on HBO I was so excited at the quality of the remastered versions from the documentary. There are several parts from the show missing. Why not give us a menu and interviews from the producers of the show (editors cut) like we get with most iTunes purchases. The Producers have so much great stuff to package this in a really special way and I felt more like I got a cut up version. So many of us would gladly pay for the content if you would just provide it! Best Elvis versions of some song ever!
  • By hilljr170

    Was never a fan of the big production numbers

    Should be four and a half stars. Unfortunately, they didn’t release the expanded version, the one with all the sit down segments. For me, (someone who was born two years later), that sit down portion has always been my favorite performance of any artist. Would have liked to see the extended version, so I can see more of that.
  • By IPreferAnalog

    This concert in widescreen

    I believe this was originally shot in a 4:3 aspect ratio for television in 1968. Therefore, no widescreen.
  • By pugluv2001

    Can hardly wait til this comes out-

    The trailer looks awesome in HD!
  • By Tuffgong71

    Finally The KING on High Definition!

    Can't wait to see this restored legendary show of the KING ! The beginning of unplugged shows is here!
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