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  • By Cole Roth


    The production and flow makes it unresistable to listen to.... even in this day in age
  • By ShoddySkill

    The Best Album of 2019

    Phenomenal production, great lyrics and an album that is amazing from start to finish.
  • By Smoove N Coo


    Gangsta Gibbs‼️ Don’t know which is better, this or “Piñata”? It’s ah tie! #FreddieCain
  • By illmatic_santi


    Album of the year
  • By SupaVillan


    Real Rap....
  • By Dhbvrtyhhb

    Fantastic as usual

    These two are insane. Top 5 of the year.
  • By GeechieWhiz

    Str8 Raw! 🦓🦓

    Well worth the wait, raw beats & raw rhymes I expected nothing less. I love the beat switches on many of the songs, real nice touch keeps u on ur toes. My favorite tracks r, “Fake Names”, “Massage Seats” & “Situations”, but usually I’m starting on track 1 & let it ride. I’ve been listening 2 Madlib since ‘99, & Gibbs since 2011, glad 2 see in 2019 a major label like RCA investing time & money in2 2 of the most creative dudes in the games! If u want some real raps over some funky beats click buy...this 1 will have u like 🤯🤯 GeechWhiz out 🦓🦓🦓🦓🤘🏾🤘🏾
  • By BigWyte_Three666


    It's alright I guess, but I've honestly never really understood the appeal of Freddie Gibbs as a rapper or a lyricist. He honestly just isn'rt lyrical, and it's not a good thing when every time you listen to a rpapper he reminds you of other rappers who came before him, meaning he doesn't really have his own style or stand out. I mean, this guy was once signed to young jeezy, so right there that should tell you he is no kind of lyricist.
  • By sam1174


    I can’t get enough. All in my rotation.
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