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Jordan Hill

  • Genre: Music Feature Films
  • Music Official Release Date: 2019-08-13
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
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Jordan Hill -


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0 Michael Jackson: Chase the Truth Jordan Hill 59:17


  • By Mute R. Kelly

    I’m not gonna bother wasting my time & money on this

    What a shameful way to defend a child predator Michael Jackson should’ve never been allowed to sleep with younger kids. His friends and bodyguards looked away and did nothing but defend a creepy child predator who has since been dead in 2009.
  • By MJ dancing fan

    It’s finally over

    Finally some justice is surved
  • By nicole hammond

    Michael is innocent

    I have always know Michael is innocent because he would never ever do that to children at least he cared about children ❤️♥️
  • By AKPLM

    Forever king

    This is the very truth and it deserves to be listened!!!! It’s so unfair to make an INNOCENT man look guilty. such a beautiful soul, heart, mind and person Michael was and will always be!! We (your fans) are here with and for you Michael!! We love u!! “Lies run sprint but the truth runs marathons and this truth will win” MJ
  • By Austinms1

    Lies runs sprints, but the truth runs marathons!

    I already knew Michael was and is STILL innocent but this Documentary is simply amazing. I am so happy as a fan to see someone finally doing their homework and looking into these allegations made by these two lying money hungry men. Unlike the media who will believe anything that sells! Michael Jackson was one of the most kind, thoughtful, and generous human beings to ever walk the earth and I am thankful that I get to appreciate everything he gave to us.
  • By nikk56

    A Must See!!!

    As a Michael Jackson fan and supporter, this is the documentary I've hoping to be released to the world, especially after the media and public mess of the infamous and heavily debunked mockumentary, Leaving Neverland!!! Massive props and kudos to Mick Smallcombe and all involved in this for being brave and speaking the truth about the late, great King of Pop, Michael Jackson and exposing the "accusers" and the "director" of the mockumentary's real cruel, disgusting, and vile intentions to defame MJ from beyond the grave for money and fame, putting his family, true friends, and fans through hell. It is a well done, well researched, almost 1 hour long Leaving Neverland rebuttal and how a documentary should be made!!
  • By Negasonicteenagewarhead

    A film for more than Michael fans

    Chase The Truth does what its name suggests in a post-truth era. Bravely, carefully, and soberly. Michael left Neverland a long time ago, innocent. The integrity of the Jackson estate is strong even without any personal appearances from the immediate family. We know racism and sexism well enough to call it out in 2019. Somehow, bigotry against weird people is still socially acceptable. Let's continue to document and listen to the lives of those robbed of the right to be different and successful at the same time.
  • By djdiif

    Lies Run Sprints But The Truth Runs Marathons

    Finally the truth comes out. MJ didn’t have a childhood so he never knew what growing up as a kid felt like. Instead, he had to live it in his adult life. Wade and James have timelines messed up, they changed their stories, and their inconsistent. Brandi Jackson dated Wade but he left that out because he knew that would go against his whole “documentary.” He was a true humanitarian. The impact he had on the world through his music and his humanitarianism was immeasurable! Wade did it all for money because he blew the MJ Cirque du Soleil and he hit rock bottom. His only option was to go against MJ, who he previously defended in Jackson’s 2005 trial. This REAL documentary won’t make headlines, however, because it’s the truth and the media can’t make money off of it! Let the King Of Pop live on through his legacy! BTW can’t wait for the “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” Musical coming in 2020!!!
  • By Tawny Loves MJ


    Michael Jackson is and always was an innocent man. Thanks to Mike Smallcombe for providing the facts! I appreciate any endeavor to clear MJ’s name. This one does a great job of that.
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