Lil Wayne - Funeral

"Funeral" is a musical release by Lil Wayne on 31 Jan, 2020. The content of the music is known to be explicit and it contains a total of 24 song(s). You may check reviews for "Funeral" in the review section below or view more songs and albums from Lil Wayne by clicking the name.


Lil Wayne

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Music Official Release Date: 2020-01-31
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Number Of Tracks: 24

  • ℗ 2020 Young Money Records, Inc.
Lil Wayne - Funeral


NO Preview Title Artist Time
1 Funeral Lil Wayne 3:14
2 Mahogany Lil Wayne 2:57
3 Mama Mia Lil Wayne 3:45
4 I Do It (feat. Big Sean & Lil Baby) Lil Wayne 3:04
5 Dreams Lil Wayne 3:47
6 Stop Playin With Me Lil Wayne 3:07
7 Clap For Em Lil Wayne 2:30
8 Bing James (feat. Jay Rock) Lil Wayne 3:23
9 Not Me Lil Wayne 3:19
10 Trust Nobody (feat. Adam Levine) Lil Wayne 2:48
11 Know You Know (feat. 2 Chainz) Lil Wayne 2:44
12 Wild Dogs Lil Wayne 3:36
13 Harden Lil Wayne 3:02
14 I Don't Sleep (feat. Takeoff) Lil Wayne 3:20
15 Sights and Silencers (feat. The-Dream) Lil Wayne 3:22
16 Ball Hard (feat. Lil Twist) Lil Wayne 2:58
17 Bastard (Satan's Kid) Lil Wayne 3:12
18 Get Outta My Head (feat. XXXTENTACION) Lil Wayne 2:58
19 Piano Trap Lil Wayne 3:14
20 Line Em Up Lil Wayne 2:59
21 Darkside Lil Wayne 2:19
22 Never Mind Lil Wayne 3:33
23 T.O. (feat. O.T. Genasis) Lil Wayne 3:08
24 Wayne's World Lil Wayne 3:45


  • By 1H2@

    A few good ones

    I do it, Mama Mia, and mahogany are good. But other then those songs the rest of the album is pretty bad.
  • By Trust and Us


  • By pnmammazz

    One of the best

    Lil Wayne will always be one of the best and I would LOVE for someone to show me any other artist out there who has verses like him, who uses such crazy, funny but smart comparisons/similes like him. He really thinks about his words & lyrics and that’s one thing I’ve always appreciated about Wayne. He puts it all into his music and always has. Can’t wait to see one of your shows someday!
  • By Geoff 1

    Great album

    In my opinion I feel that Wayne started a new evolution of his musical style, a new Wayne era.
  • By yeetman65782


    80% auto tune bruvvvvvv
  • By Cassiemoney$

    😍❤️ I love this cd

    Idk what u people talkin about “what’s all the hype bout Wayne??????” He is still goin, he is the 1 that changes tha game 💯 and does it so easy, he spits like a mf..... This album goes hard & right after carter v. YOUNG MONEY = What’s they not to love ❤️ he is a beast and he neva quits!!! Tune tha 🐐 fo sho and everyone love em #tunechiback #nomorecashmoney
  • By Andre from Chi

    “Creativity still hasn’t peeked”

    This is the best, most unique music you have written so far. The way you put the raps together and how you go off the names on “ball hard “ is awesome, and the piano song with vid is dope. I really like how you keep recreating. I listen to you when I skateboard. Props from Andre
  • By mar@g

    Good music

    This album is awesome.
  • By Skittles Brando


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