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  • By Pokahontas76


    Don’t waste your money on this garbage
  • By grant .....R


    Good songs like the beat my favorite is blinding lights good job
  • By juju 1276245

    I don’t know what them haters talking about🙄

    Best song ever made in history them haters are just wrong 😑 I can listen to this a million times and not get tired of it 😇 I love the song the weeked make more good ones for us loves do what you do man 😎
  • By Kuchimanko

    Idk about those opinions I’m reading but

    I’m infatuated with your work! Thank you. For your passionate creativity.
  • By #CATLIFE4ever


    I LOVE his music so much I’m kind of obsessed. I have the blinding lights ringtone and everything. Any who I love this album and pretty much all of his songs. Omg also there are so many haters on here being just plain rude...GET A LIFE. I mean come on don’t diss him for his album covers. Here’s a fun little fact: he dresses up in fake blood and casts and head wraps to get rid of stereotypes in music/celebrities in general. Every celebrity pretty much where’s way too much makeup during events and things where their gonna be on tv. Instead of that he where’s bloody makeup and head wraps etc etc. in my option there’s no reason for people to be like “omg your a R&B singer stop with the stupid blood” I say that because those haters aren’t a accomplished talented singer like he is so it’s dumb of them to hate and just makes them look jealous and rude. Anyway if anyone read this don’t come at me like “oh your just some crazy fan and your dissing everyone who doesn’t like The Weeknd” because I’m not I’m just saying that kindness is FREE.
  • By ThankyouJewel


    You need a plastic surgery


    cinematic masterpiece. i said what i said! xo
  • By Twiztidash

    Its not that good

    Blinded by the lights the only good song
  • By professor prince

    professor prince xx

    as a artist myself I love this album thank you so much for it without you and Michael Jackson I wouldn’t make music today 🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️
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