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  • By PlzNameChange

    Not bad

    It’s not the old Kygo necessarily. However personally I still think it’s a great song. Can’t wait for the album!
  • By Njwalker12

    Really good song

    I can see this song getting stuck in everyone’s heads and they can’t even help it. People say “it’s not Kygo” but that’s all I hear with this. You can’t expect your fav to have the same background sound in all their songs. So of course this sounds different but that doesn’t mean it’s not Kygo.
  • By Qasem mahmood

    Great song

    What a shame to disrespect such a beautiful work in the comments!!! If the song isn't good for you just leave it and let us enjoy this.
  • By DuckQUKQUK

    He use to be too good...

  • By divashalo

    Tygas a misogynist.

    Enough said. Shame on Kygo.
  • By The Real Paul Rudd (Ant Man)


    Get this song away from the dance category.
  • By traXc

    Kygo has become the epitome of generic

    Cloud 9 was amazing. I had Stargazing and This Town on repeat for months. After that, he seemed to slipped into his increasingly apparent comfort-zone of generic forgettable music. He needs to be more experimental if he is to remain relevant (or at least make decent melodies again!)
  • By hcifkcl


    Don’t like kygo Tyga would do better on a different song do like higher love tho giving two stars cause I like tha beat
  • By Cameo KS

    Love Kygo and Zara, but...

    Tyga has no business being on here. He ruins an otherwise great song, but also the song seems dated.
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