Tiësto - The London Sessions

"The London Sessions" is a musical release by Tiësto on 15 May, 2020. The content of the music is known to be explicit and it contains a total of 13 song(s). You may check reviews for "The London Sessions" in the review section below or view more songs and albums from Tiësto by clicking the name.

The London Sessions


  • Genre: Dance
  • Music Official Release Date: 2020-05-15
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Number Of Tracks: 13

  • ℗ 2020 Musical Freedom Label Ltd., under exclusive license to PM:AM Recordings, a division of Universal International Music BV
Tiësto - The London Sessions


NO Preview Title Artist Time
1 God Is A Dancer Tiësto & Mabel 2:48
2 Nothing Really Matters Tiësto & Becky Hill 2:37
3 Ride (feat. The Kid Daytona & Roe) Tiësto 3:23
4 Ritual Tiësto, Jonas Blue & Rita Ora 3:18
5 Jackie Chan (feat. Preme & Post Malone) Tiësto & Dzeko 3:35
6 Lifestyle (feat. KAMILLE) Tiësto 2:41
7 On My California (feat. Snoop Dogg & Fontwell) Tiësto & Shaun Frank 3:06
8 BLUE (feat. Stevie Appleton) Tiësto 2:47
9 Round & Round (feat. GALXARA) Tiësto 3:16
10 Lose You (feat. ILIRA) Tiësto 2:28
11 Over You (feat. Becky Hill) Tiësto 2:24
12 What’s It Gonna Be (feat. KAMILLE) Tiësto 2:41
13 Insomnia (feat. Violet Skies) Tiësto 7:34


  • By ally55826


    Gets all my friends up out of bed and start dancing like maniacs
  • By Always4EverBlue

    Reading the reviews

    I didn't even bother to download this album. I've listening to TIESTO for years and THIS WAS TERRIBLE. I tried to at least browse through this album and I just couldn't. I don't know if someone else showed up at the studio the day it was supposed to be dropped and accidently hit the wrong button and THIS WAS UPLOADED. But this is clearly not the work we have all come to enjoy. I'm sorry TIESTO if this is/was really you. I guess we all have our bad days/moments. We can't make everyone happy. None of us are pizza.
  • By jdatclaw


    Lose you is by far the best track, why tf is Jackie Chan on here, it came out in 2018 and sucked back then too
  • By Samraj786

    Nothing special

    It’s just ok , I’ve heard way better from Tiesto
  • By Miami italiano

    So it is not the mix you all see on Youtube, but...

    Tiësto is making music now for the interests of people who are into a more popular edm genre. Perhaps he understands that his change from Trance to progressive house may have caused problems with those who loved him for his trance work. I agree that for more than 10 years now Tiësto has been commercializing his work, but I bet if he kept on making trance his views would remain neutral and even be least as popular as what he has been doing now. It is sad to notice that David Guetta’s work has reached more than 3 billion views in some of his songs on Youtube. He has always worked on house music all his life, but ever since Tiësto started into the edm genre a majority of the youth prefer, I would say 75% of his House music is equally as good as David Guetta’s, but has not even made a dent passed the billion views mark. He has earned that kind of love from all the edm lovers around the world.
  • By Mr Blazer LT


    I admit I get suckered into some “popcorn” EDM tracks if it’s really, really catchy and I bought a couple here along with the slick house track Insomnia. That’s it, though. The rest of this album (including the silly Jackie Chan track that dropped over a year ago) isn’t worth your time and isn’t like the old Tiësto most fans have grown accustomed to.
  • By aygio

    what is this trash

    is this really tiesto? i’m only 5 songs in and don’t like a single one....i thought jackie chan came out a couple years ago..?? i’m so confused
  • By Anthony8781

    What is this?

    Awful, not the Tiësto I grew up loving and always listening to. This is highly disappointing
  • By Trodriguez9

    Love it!

    When Tiesto is behind it - it’s going to be LIT. So excited to have another album from the Master, and I can’t stop listening, right from track one, Step by step yeaa, all the way to Insomnia whooa! He can take music anywhere he chooses, I will always follow. 5 stars. Get on board it’s time to dance and move your body!
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