Roger Waters -

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Roger Waters

  • Genre: Concert Films
  • Music Official Release Date: 2020-12-31
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Number Of Tracks:

Roger Waters -


NO Preview Title Artist Time
0 Roger Waters: Us + Them Roger Waters 27:52


  • By Peymon

    Great as ever

    Seen the concert , Digital amazing
  • By Top of the Podsafes


    I did see Pink Floyd a few times. They were the high mark from a concertgoer who’s seen Led Zeppelin, the Stones, The Who and pretty much all the major bands. I had seen Roger Waters perform the Wall because I had tickets to Pink Floyd’s Wall tour and couldn’t go. That was a good update, but it did not replace those Floyd shows as my number one concert experience. I didn’t expect much from this concert when I bought tickets, honestly. It ended up being the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Plus, Animals is my favorite Floyd album and he plays a majority of it here. The Lucius members had two singers outdo what I usually three singers perform with Floyd, Great Gig In The Sky. I was actually in the audience going “What, only two singers?”, then my jaw dropped. I gathered Lucius recordings after that. The band was the best Roger has ever put together, even better than G.E. Smith’s version. And what really put it at the top I will explain with these three words - Battersea Power Station. That was just unreal. The coolest thing I’ve ever seen done in concert. This movie captures it really well. This was an experience more than a concert. Meaningful and powerful. A must purchase.
  • By iSnak3

    This was good but not great

    Just don’t go into watching this like your gonna hear & see a Pink Floyd show or you will be extremely disappointed. this film is far from that. Although it has almost all Pink Floyd featured songs I found it to resemble nothing of what I know Pink Floyd to be, especially the way this Band sounds musically. I’m not saying it was bad infact it was good, however it has a more “personal” outlook & feeling and seems to focus in a more one direction manner than capturing a full Concept direction of Pink Floyd. It seems to me that roger waters took all the Pink Floyd music from several albums & tried to connect them all to one political outlook. Don’t get me wrong, this film was good & I recommend for rental only because it is probably not what you are expecting
  • By carl hemmings

    A visual treat !!

    A life long Floyd fan have seen many live Floyd concerts including roger waters the wall live , us and them was another I caught in Nashville 2017 ,so good loved the movie
  • By Sizzlefry58

    ...,what’s up with this Apple??

    So I purchased this movie when it first came out for purchase a while back. Then it was taken down and you couldn’t get it, like one day later. Now it’s back up for purchase again with added features / content?? My version is 1:59 long, and now this version clocks in at 2:27 long?? So what’s up Apple? Your error, Roger’s error? Do I get the new one for free with the missing content since I paid once already? How does something like this even happen? I’m very unhappy with this situation!
  • By slipknt

    Love This concert

    Saw this concert live thought it was amazing being there I’m glad they put it on DVD it’s a great experience
  • By PearlyBakersBest

    An amazing concert experience!

    One of the best live music performances I’ve ever seen. Fantastic cinematography paired with sound alike creates some of (if not) the best Post Floyd music I’ve heard!
  • By Rey Barr


    I saw this show in Dallas, Texas at American Airlines Center. With breathtaking visual effects and sound engineering, this has to be the best show to move me to tears. A must have in my collection of rock shows.
  • By Big Paulierm

    Has been

    He is a has been. Snooze fest for someone on a trip.
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