Prince - Sign O' The Times (Super Deluxe)

"Sign O' The Times (Super Deluxe)" is a musical release by Prince on 25 Sep, 2020. The content of the music is known to be explicit and it contains a total of 92 song(s). You may check reviews for "Sign O' The Times (Super Deluxe)" in the review section below or view more songs and albums from Prince by clicking the name.

Sign O' The Times (Super Deluxe)


  • Genre: Pop
  • Music Official Release Date: 2020-09-25
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Number Of Tracks: 92

  • ℗ 2020 NPG Records, Inc., Under Exclusive License to Warner Records Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Prince - Sign O' The Times (Super Deluxe)


NO Preview Title Artist Time
1 Sign O' The Times (2020 Remaster) Prince 4:56
2 Play In The Sunshine (2020 Remaster) Prince 5:05
3 Housequake (2020 Remaster) Prince 4:39
4 The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker (2020 Remaster) Prince 4:03
5 It (2020 Remaster) Prince 5:09
6 Starfish And Coffee (2020 Remaster) Prince 2:50
7 Slow Love (2020 Remaster) Prince 4:22
8 Hot Thing (2020 Remaster) Prince 5:38
9 Forever In My Life (2020 Remaster) Prince 3:31
10 U Got The Look (2020 Remaster) Prince 3:46
11 If I Was Your Girlfriend (2020 Remaster) Prince 5:03
12 Strange Relationship (2020 Remaster) Prince 4:01
13 I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (2020 Remaster) Prince 6:28
14 The Cross (2020 Remaster) Prince 4:48
15 It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night (2020 Remaster) Prince 9:01
16 Adore (2020 Remaster) Prince 6:34
17 Sign O' The Times (Edit) [2020 Remaster] Prince 3:40
18 La, La, La, He, He, Hee (Edit) [2020 Remaster] Prince 3:21
19 La, La, La, He, He, Hee (Highly Explosive) [2020 Remaster] Prince 10:46
20 If I Was Your Girlfriend (Edit) [2020 Remaster] Prince 3:46
21 Shockadelica (2020 Remaster) Prince 3:30
22 Shockadelica (12" Long Version) [2020 Remaster] Prince 6:12
23 U Got the Look (Long Look) [2020 Remaster] Prince 6:40
24 Housequake (Edit) [2020 Remaster] Prince 3:22
25 Housequake (7 Minutes MoQuake) [2020 Remaster] Prince 7:11
26 I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man (Fade) [2020 Remaster] Prince 3:38
27 Hot Thing (Edit) [2020 Remaster] Prince 3:40
28 Hot Thing (Extended Remix) [2020 Remaster] Prince 8:32
29 Hot Thing (Dub Version) [2020 Remaster] Prince 6:52
30 I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (1979 Version) [2020 Remaster] Prince 3:12
31 Teacher Teacher (1985 Version) [2020 Remaster] Prince 3:07
32 All My Dreams (2020 Remaster) Prince 7:23
33 Can I Play With U? (feat. Miles Davis) [2020 Remaster] Prince 6:39
34 Wonderful Day (2020 Remaster) Prince 3:47
35 Strange Relationship (2020 Remaster) Prince 6:41
36 Visions (2020 Remaster) Prince 2:18
37 The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker (With Horns) [2020 Remaster] Prince 4:56
38 Witness 4 The Prosecution (Version 1) [2020 Remaster] Prince 3:59
39 Power Fantastic (Live in Studio) [2020 Remaster] Prince 7:18
40 And That Says What? (2020 Remaster) Prince 1:50
41 Love And Sex (2020 Remaster) Prince 4:11
42 A Place In Heaven (Prince Vocal) [2020 Remaster] Prince 2:57
43 Colors (2020 Remaster) Prince 1:01
44 Crystal Ball (7" Mix) [2020 Remaster] Prince 3:29
45 Big Tall Wall (Version 1) [2020 Remaster] Prince 5:58
46 Nevaeh Ni Ecalp A (2020 Remaster) Prince 2:33
47 In A Large Room With No Light (2020 Remaster) Prince 3:27
48 Train (2020 Remaster) Prince 4:22
49 It Ain't Over 'Til The Fat Lady Sings (2020 Remaster) Prince 2:21
50 Eggplant (Original Prince Vocal) [2020 Remaster] Prince 5:18


  • By Ggirl12

    It's Prince

    Awesomeness at its finest 💜
  • By Mole555

    Happiness Prince Music!

    One of his BEST albums is now even better! Filled with unreleased tracks and alternate versions of the original songs make this Super Deluxe release a must have for any Prince fan. From a 7-minute version of Housequake, to tracks from The Vault, I’m in funk heaven! Favorite new tracks: Witness 4 the Prosecution, Emotional Pump, I Need a Man, and Rebirth of the Flesh, Prince proves his music and artistry is TIMELESS!
  • By Aaron Forever

    Utterly amazing.

    I had high expectations for this release and it really delivers. This may be Prince’s greatest album, and it sounds amazing in this remastered version. Three (three!) discs of unreleased tracks (and they could have legitimately made it 4 with more top-notch material) and 2 full concert experiences. The Prince Estate has a lot more to work with for posthumous releases than most other artists. Every fan of an artist should be so lucky to see this treatment given to such beloved albums.
  • By sowhatyouwilllive

    Not as good as I remember.

    I enjoyed this album back in the day but it really hasn’t stood the test of time.
  • By masterjeffrey

    An Embarrassment of Riches

    It should come as no surprise to any fan of Prince that not only was Sign o’ the Times perhaps his greatest masterpiece, but this period was easily his most productive. After Prince and the Revolution finished the Parade album, even before the disastrous release of the film Under the Cherry Moon, they had already tracked a follow up album to be called Dream Factory. As 1986 war on Dream Factory expanded to a double album. At the conclusion of the Parade tour, Prince fired the Revolution, keeping only Matt (Dr.) Fink. However, he continued writing and recording at a feverish pace. He also discovered a new toy that allowed him to speed up or slow down his vehicles to raise or lower the pitch accordingly. This inspired him to create an alternate persona, which he named Camille. Camille would spawn not just one but two albums: the “self titled” Camille, which would be shelved to continue work on his next Prince album; and, “The Black Album,” which would be completed and almost released right after Sign o’ the Times. At the last minute however, prince was concerned that the album was too dark to properly represent him and after several hundred thousand copies have already been pressed, prince withdrew it and instead issued Lovesexy in 1988. Warner Bros. would finally release The Black Album during their contractual battles with the Purple One in 1994, very much against his wishes. Meanwhile prince recorded and accumulated enough tracks that he presented Warner Bros. with a triple album entitled Crystal Ball. (Not the same triple album released in 1998, which does nonetheless include some tracks from the original.) Crystal Ball was 22 tracks long, which was one more album than Warner Bros. was prepared to release, so they asked him to cut it down to a double album. Prince cut six tracks from Crystal Ball, and at the last minute recorded U Got the Look with Sheena Easton, and finally arrived at perhaps his greatest work of art, Sign o’ the Times. So it is not entirely surprising that this amazing super Deluxe Edition includes three full CDs of previously unreleased songs, recorded by prince during this period, many of which are absolutely fantastic! The aborted Dream Factory provided the stand outs: Wonderful Day, In a Large Room with No Light, Train, Power Fantastic, Witness 4 the Prosecution, and All My Dreams, along with several other respectable songs by Prince and the Revolution. Camille yielded: Rebirth of the Flesh and Feel U Up (released as a B-side in 1989), among others. Crystal Ball gave us: Crystal Ball, The Ball (which later morphed into Eye No from 1988’s Lovesexy), and Joy in Repetition (released in 1990 on Graffiti Bridge). The iTunes super Deluxe Edition also features a complete live show from the Sign o’ the Times tour (the physical version also features a DVD of a live show from December 31, 1987, at Paisley Park). This collection is an absolute must for any serious prince collector, and even for the more casual listener will give them a couple albums worth of extra, wonderful prince songs that they have never heard before.
  • By Mrmannykirby

    Micheal Angelo-NterActive Media

    It’s great that the release came out. But, some tracks I think were made b4 SOTT Maybe early 85-86 Or just thrown in the collection. A lot of tracks most people have. They were just tweaked a bit. Most like the rawness of a “bootleg” so called version. It’s the thrill of it all. The fact that someone can say I have this song by Prince and u don’t!!! The remasters only CONfirm that it’s cleaned a tad and money WILL b made. In my opinion. The live tracks r great. And could have been released on a LIVE TRACK ALBUM. I agree. The price is a systematic price gauge. In order 2 get 2 songs. U have 2 b the entire album. All in all. The album re DO OVER AND CLEAN UP is great for those who have never heard princes older music, want to hear what they may b missing when it come 2 whatever they think they may b missing from the original. La la la Hot thing Sign O the times Would have been greater if they weren’t remasters in my opinion. Big Tall Wall was great either version. Maine recordings by the Revolution were and will always b great! In a nutshell If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it Let the barber cut the hair not make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, it just tastes better. Knamean?
  • By lakerscaptain


  • By John_Vik


    Prince was already at the top of the game with Sign O’ The Times, but with the Super Deluxe version, we are hearing so much material that spanned at least five albums. I l miss him dearly everyday. I miss hearing his voice from when I know he would be producing more music right now, but this work will live forever like him in our hearts. The fact that we are hearing some of the awesome songs like In A Large Room With No Light and Witness 4 The Prosecution among numerous others illustrates the genius that is Prince. The current artists of today should learn from the paragon that is Prince.🕺🏾💜🎹🎸🎤🥁🎷🎺
  • By Used2luvtivo


    This is an overwhelming amount of material. Some of it I haven’t heard before, some has been circulating on bootleg for 30+ years. I’m very happy with the way SOTT sounds now after being remastered, sounds more full. Also love the concert in Utrecht! Great thing about all the unreleased tracks is that people can make playlists based on the configurations of the unreleased albums “Dream Factory”, “Camille”, and “Crystal Ball”. I see the original LP as Prince’s magnum opus and this collection as the Prince Estate’s best achievement thus far. Cannot wait to see and hear what’s coming out of the vault next!
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