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Mike Figgis

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Music Official Release Date: 2020-10-09
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
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Mike Figgis -


NO Preview Title Artist Time
0 Ronnie Wood - Somebody Up There Likes Me Mike Figgis 11:42


  • By ætherloop

    There are more sides to his story.

    Lovely film, but waaay too short in length. A man as interesting as Ronnie Wood needs more time on the screen. So, shame on those who made the poor decision to keep this as short as possible. You should have taken more time, and given the chapters of the man's life more screen time. The subject matter was weighted entirely too much in the area of "sobriety". I get that it's an important topic of discussion, but still...in a film this short, to keep coming back to it leaves it unbalanced. Just a suggestion, you want to talk about sobriety, and help people who are struggling with that? Then actually show people the method(s) Ronnie uses to overcome his madness in this area. (Note: Coca-Cola, if it's the regular strength version with all of the sugar, is not the answer.) Loved the camera work and the interview settings in the film. It would have been nice to have seen more of Ronnie's current life in the English countryside. I purchased the Blu-Ray hoping for a little more depth and coverage, and yet it's still light on content. A glimpse and a discussion of one's home environs reveals quite a lot about a person, I find, and yet we get very little of that in this film (the Blu-Ray extra showing Ronnie's painting studio was quite cool, though.) The interview segments of folks talking on screen? It was a good start, but not one of his family members (aside from brief snippets from Mrs. Wood, who is lovely) has anything to say about such an interesting subject? The viewers receive comments from some familiar characters who have known and worked with Ronnie, but what about Lisa Fischer, Bernard Fowler, Darryl Jones, Stanley Clarke, etc. etc.? This film needed more time and development. It could have been one very fascinating look at a complex individual. It's a good look, but it's not a GREAT look. I'm saying this from somebody DOWN HERE who likes the guy, his journey, and some of his artistic contributions. Peace. ✌🏼
  • By tony mowatt


    I'm a big fan of this guy's art and music so I was glad to watch this. That it was an enjoyable watch was just icing on the cake.
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