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  • By discsophist

    Here because of Jackson Wang

    But I really do love this! Good rec!
  • By dustpanbabydoll

    I love this song so much

    Ik it’s a cover but it sounds like an original song. I love the original too and tbh I don’t think Ritt Momney was trying to copy Corinne’s song. I listen to this version on repeat I love it so much!!!
  • By FlashLag4

    So good

    I love this song, such a good vibe. Also in answer to those negative reviews saying the original didn’t get recognition, well imo it didn’t deserve it. It was an alright song, but not one I would listen to more than a couple times. This version however, is pure art. Masterfully put together, there’s no part of the song I dislike.
  • By alexKo67

    People stop

    If you don’t like this song pls don’t hate on it and just go and show your love for the songs you DO like and not make people feel down about there choice of music, thank you, have a good day or night
  • By Wolfeman120


    Brilliant rework of a classic of 2000s soul. It’s different, it’s weird, but goddamn man, if we aren’t allowed to experiment and draw inspiration and dedicate homage then what is art?
  • By divashalo

    Corinne Bailey Rae

    Go listen to the heavenly original. Not this trash
  • By jus sayun5

    Anything original about guy?

    His name the song? Like man create something instead of change something already created. Idk
  • By OJWISE1234


    What are these bad reviews??!?!! This is amazing!!
  • By k the artist


    I feel like if he made a different song it might be good but he ruined a classic no one even paid attention to the original which is messed up the originals much better.
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