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  • By c robot87

    the best song ever

    this is the Tᕼᗴ ᗷᗴᔕT song in the world if you hate it I think either your on something or you don’t know what your doing with your life your the best LAROI
  • By 35% body fat

    Nice but

    Why is there no ringtone or music video yet? I need a ringtone or music video soon!!
  • By comiccon258

    Wow Just Wow

    My mom doesn’t like rap but she’s a fan of this and I’m just hyped about that lol. Only complaint it’s too short
  • By young coopa

    I’m telling you this man is a future GOAT

    His music has so much meaning and depth unlike a lot of other rappers these days. And I’m also happy that he can at least make one song that’s not explicit and isn’t even rap. This is my fav song of his and def top 20 fav songs of 2020 and maybe of all time.
  • By sndsdmfkdjedj

    He is awesome

    This song is the best and if you don’t like it F off

    I’m in love XD

    This song is so amazing it is very truthfull life is usually hard and this song is soooo AMAZING GOOD JOB KID leori
  • By crazysnake12456


    This kid tho🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • By Demetre hicks


    All I want is for the kid laroi to follow me on Instagram @demetre_hicks20
  • By tomczak69

    doesn’t miss

    kid cannot make a bad song
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