Justin Bieber & benny blanco - Lonely

"Lonely" is a musical release by Justin Bieber & benny blanco on 16 Oct, 2020. The content of the music is known to be explicit and it contains a total of 1 song(s). You may check reviews for "Lonely" in the review section below or view more songs and albums from Justin Bieber & benny blanco by clicking the name.

Lonely - Single

Justin Bieber & benny blanco

  • Genre: Pop
  • Music Official Release Date: 2020-10-16
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Number Of Tracks: 1

  • ℗ 2020 Friends Keep Secrets/Def Jam Recordings/Interscope Records
Justin Bieber & benny blanco - Lonely - Single


NO Preview Title Artist Time
1 Lonely Justin Bieber & benny blanco 2:29


  • By Kevin Pedaro

    This Is How I Get Through Loss Haters!!!!😭💔

    I Love Justin Bieber And I Grew up with him my dad new him but my dad died last month and it’s sad and this song helps with the loss of my dad so haters back off I will keep supporting Justin so Try staying strong Justin😭😭😭💔
  • By Timedeo it the best


    When you only write music for money not because it’s good.
  • By iakf ri


    this was a really good song and it feel hit deep in to my life. if you really listen you can see where he’s coming from where where his pain is.
  • By Spidey’s Mom


    Imagine sitting around feeling sorry for yourself when you can help so many people in need. He should have married Demi Lovato because they both like to throw their own pity parties.
  • By Eylie The Wolf

    Wa wa wa! Baby Bieber lol

    Cry cry cry! Make a song about u being bullied. Lol stupidest song ever! Hope u die, cry, or try again FxCKER. He tryna yodel now. HE FxCKIN CUSSING BUT HE CHRISTIAN?!?!? MAKE UP YA MIND FOOL. You a TRUMP SUPPORTER AND I HATE YA
  • By chachingkobe

    I'm so ronery

    is so much better. No autotune.
  • By Passenger of a pilot


    I had high hopes for Justin hearing of his coming to Christ. But this, this just breaks my heart. Because he has such a platform, but he fails to use it to God’s glory.
  • By AliceOfMurderland

    Love it

    I have never been a big fan of him but like others say this one hits different.
  • By Offishel

    JB Pop meets Eminem’s vulnerability

    Trolls gonna troll. Bieber much better to listen to now than when he was a teen.
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