Ariana Grande - Positions

"Positions" is a musical release by Ariana Grande on 30 Oct, 2020. The content of the music is known to be explicit and it contains a total of 14 song(s). You may check reviews for "Positions" in the review section below or view more songs and albums from Ariana Grande by clicking the name.


Ariana Grande

  • Genre: Pop
  • Music Official Release Date: 2020-10-30
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Number Of Tracks: 14

  • ℗ 2020 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
Ariana Grande - Positions


NO Preview Title Artist Time
1 shut up Ariana Grande 2:37
2 34+35 Ariana Grande 2:53
3 motive Ariana Grande & Doja Cat 2:47
4 just like magic Ariana Grande 2:29
5 off the table Ariana Grande & The Weeknd 3:59
6 six thirty Ariana Grande 3:03
7 safety net (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) Ariana Grande 3:28
8 my hair Ariana Grande 2:38
9 nasty Ariana Grande 3:20
10 west side Ariana Grande 2:12
11 love language Ariana Grande 2:59
12 positions Ariana Grande 2:52
13 obvious Ariana Grande 2:26
14 pov Ariana Grande 3:21


  • By song reviewer1117


    This album is AWESOME
  • By #hatersgonnahate🤩

    To all the haters:

    Ariana is an amazing singer and stop forcing people to hate her. It’s not Ari’s fault that you hate her music, Ari is a talented singer and some people just fail to see that. And all the hate on 34+35? Come ON people. 34+35 is a very sexual song but why ya gotta hate? Pls stop hating and just appreciate that Ari is spending her time writing songs and making music videos. Ari isn’t my favorite singer ever, but she’s very talented. I know she sings a lot of sexual songs, but some of them are fine. Thank u next, positions, and all her other albums are great, but people still hate. The song motive has Dojacat in it, I don’t really like Dojacat, but motive is one of my favorite songs from Ari. Also Ari’s dogs are so cute, how could you hate a woman who has such cute dogs? I will never understand haters of any singers I like. Stay safe and don’t get COVID, Somewhat Selena Quintanilla fan. P.S: I love Ari’s hair is deserves a *clap clap*
  • By Alexis Tunnder


    I love ariana grande so much I cant even express it but what is this. Stop talking about s*x where is the real Ari and the nice cute one. Stop keeping up with the s*x trendy music its gross.
  • By JoshuaR1023UE


    Album has been on repeat for months. People don’t like it because it dove more into slow trap-r&b instead of the vocal powerhouse pop anthems of Dangerous Woman and Thank U Next, that made her so famous in the first place. I appreciate her changing up her sound because as she grows, her sound is going to change every few years. Some of you should just admit you only like her radio generic pop songs and move on. This is good quality music. You’re all just tasteless and boring and only want repetitive music. P.S. - She’s a grown and engaged woman, she can sing about sex all she wants. P.P.S. - if you think the songs are too short, listen twice :)
  • By slayyy~👌🏽

    slower, mature sound🤍

    top half of her discography for sure. lyrically and vocally, this album is so much more mature. many people claim the album's "boring" but i personally love the slower, more developed sound. my hair is unique, soulful and different from anything she's released recently. off the table is one of her best ever. lyrically, its a masterpiece and her vocals are stunning. i feel like she's at this great point in her career where she releases music not to succeed on the charts, but because SHE enjoys it. love her so much, stream positions!!
  • By Davidnorma101010

    Sooooooooooooooo awesome

    Ari don't listen to those dummies cause u r the best
  • By arilegend914


    miss grande really snapped with this album
  • By nerdyzest365

    Albummmmm offff the yearrrrr. Yesss ari

    This was a cultural reset. The organization. The production. Balance of simplistic, bold, real, raw, and metaphoric lyrics. VOcALs! Catchiness. Harrrmoniiiiiessss cmon! Healing/ bad b energy! PURE RNB/pop excellency. In my opinion, this album deserves so much. Grammys, do something right this time, will ya? Y’all just had your expectations too high and lost sight of what we really needed this year. Haters will hate, *for absolutely no reason at all*. But, solely, the story, and the idea of a second life down the line in a deluxe, is absolutely perfect. Sonically, this is all I wanted from her and more. Plus this album is doing so well on charts and streams. SHE FED US WELL, especially on her break year. She made this feel like an actual era. It’s truly beautiful. I can really go on and on about how good this album is to me. If she does not win a Grammy for this then I’m done, literally. periodt. Argue with the wall.
  • By CherryMovies

    Ibrahim 💧

    ariana is showing me her magic & melting my ears with heaven drops .
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