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  • By Mel-Z

    From 1 Christian Mom

    I only wish I had found this CD sooner, when my daughter was still a little baby. She's 18 months and we love listening to this CD in the car and at bedtime. Amazing.
  • By Melissa_Rae

    Perfect bedtime music!

    My kids have listened to this CD every day for nap time and bedtime for the last 18 months. They love it and now I even have the problem of them not going to sleep because they're singing worship music.
  • By leftbower

    Love the artists on this album

    We love this album of music. My kids have loved the videos, but have outgrown them. They still enjoy the praise music in the car though. The music is still a blessing to me also. When I heard Christine Dente (Out of the Grey) on this album, it seemed like an extra treat for me!
  • By Revparkjy


    very good!!!
  • By haveboys

    Love it

    My kids also listen to Praise Baby at bedtime - and love this new CD so much we also listen during the day. What a joy to hear my son singing "Blessed be the name of the Lord..."
  • By treading water

    I have rediscovered Paris!

    I was a big fan of Twila many years ago, but after my daughter was born, I had little time for music other than "kid's" music. While I was looking over all that iTunes has to offer, I checked out some of her old music I enjoyed and then discovered this album. Her sweet voice won me over once more and I discovered I like her covers of these songs better than the originals! This music may have been intended for children, but I love it! I will make sure my grandchildren (when I get some) enjoy this as well!
  • By jmichae

    Praise for The Praise Baby Collection

    We have all of the DVD's and all of the CD's for this collection and our daughter absolutely loves them! She gets so excited when she hears the music start it is truly enjoyable to see. The music and videos are very well produced and will provide a lot of enjoyment, stimulation and growth for your baby.
  • By mom of miracles

    Greatest praise music for kids

    My children listen to these every night and take comfort whenever they're in "big church" hearing these familiar spiritual truths. These sentiments and lyrics need to be impressed on the hearts of our children whenever possible and these songs do just that in the most beautiful way.
  • By momma81

    Beautiful Album!

    The music in this album is so beautiful and so inspiring, I'm so glad I stumbled upon it! I love being able to put my baby to sleep by praising the Lord along with this beautiful music.
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