Yanni - In My Time

"In My Time" is a musical release by Yanni on 04 Jan, 1980. The content of the music is known to be non-xplicit and it contains a total of 11 song(s). You may check reviews for "In My Time" in the review section below or view more songs and albums from Yanni by clicking the name.

In My Time


  • Genre: New Age
  • Music Official Release Date: 1980-01-04
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Number Of Tracks: 11

  • ℗ 1993 BMG Entertainment
Yanni - In My Time


NO Preview Title Artist Time
1 In the Morning Light Yanni 3:48
2 One Man's Dream Yanni 2:46
3 Before I Go Yanni 4:33
4 Enchantment Yanni 3:53
5 The End of August Yanni 4:54
6 To Take... To Hold Yanni 4:02
7 In the Mirror Yanni 4:05
8 Felitsa Yanni 4:53
9 Whispers In the Dark Yanni 5:28
10 Only a Memory Yanni 4:16
11 Until the Last Moment Yanni 6:26


  • By Ashley32068


    I personally love his music it is amazing. Even though im eh.... 12 its awesome.... I shall play this song someday i have the piano music book that has these songs to play
  • By Sunshinegiant75

    Best Yanni Album

    Hands down the best Yanni Album. I truly love this one. It's a must have.
  • By siangel07

    Completely in love with this album

    I have been listening to this album since i was a kid (for about 30 years) it reminds me of my grandmother and being at her house. I bought the disc on CD but lost it so i purchased it again on iTunes so i will never lose it again.

    really relaxing

    its a great album- its great background noise!!!! buy this album you'll really appreciate it!!!
  • By Whiteknightok

    Wrong Release Date

    I hope the incorrect release date hasn't hurt the sales of this record. It was released in 1993l
  • By ThorLoki21

    I will never forget you, Yanni.

    I love listening to Yanni. He's the best piano artist ever! His songs help me to calm down when I'm angry, sleep when I need to, and become peaceful. He's amazing. I will never forget you as long as I live, Yanni.
  • By Redsparkles549

    Love it!

    When I was 15 I used to have a stretching class before ballet and this was always played in the background, that was 10 years ago and I still adore this album great music, very relaxing one of my favorites!
  • By Spiderphins


    I'm 37 now, I've had this CD since college, and I still listen to it regularly. This is beautiful music, plain and simple. Whether you're looking for something to fall asleep with, study by, relax to, or as a daydream companion this album will do the trick. Every song is top notch. A must have.
  • By Trisarahtops098

    Love it!

    I listened to this song when I was a baby. I grew up with it and still love it! I have memorized every note in each song and the order they are played in. Strangely, this album is the only yanni album I like. All the other ones sound weird to me. Beautiful!
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