Whitney Houston - The Preacher's Wife (Original Soundtrack Album)

"The Preacher's Wife (Original Soundtrack Album)" is a musical release by Whitney Houston on 25 Nov, 1996. The content of the music is known to be non-xplicit and it contains a total of 15 song(s). You may check reviews for "The Preacher's Wife (Original Soundtrack Album)" in the review section below or view more songs and albums from Whitney Houston by clicking the name.

The Preacher's Wife (Original Soundtrack Album)

Whitney Houston

  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Music Official Release Date: 1996-11-25
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Number Of Tracks: 15

  • ℗ 1996 Arista Records LLC
Whitney Houston - The Preacher's Wife (Original Soundtrack Album)


NO Preview Title Artist Time
1 I Believe In You and Me Whitney Houston 4:01
2 Step By Step Whitney Houston 4:12
3 Joy (feat. The Georgia Mass Choir) Whitney Houston 3:15
4 Hold On, Help Is On the Way (feat. The Georgia Mass Choir) Whitney Houston 3:06
5 I Go to the Rock (feat. The Georgia Mass Choir) Whitney Houston 4:05
6 I Love the Lord (feat. The Georgia Mass Choir) Whitney Houston 4:56
7 Somebody Bigger Than You and I (feat. Bobby Brown, Faith Evans, Johnny Gil, Monica & Ralph Tresvant) Whitney Houston 4:41
8 You Were Loved Whitney Houston 4:10
9 My Heart Is Calling Whitney Houston 4:14
10 I Believe In You and Me Whitney Houston 3:52
11 Step By Step Whitney Houston 4:14
12 Who Would Imagine a King (feat. The Nativity Choir) Whitney Houston 3:30
13 He's All Over Me (Feat. Shirley Caesar & the Georgia Mass Choir) Whitney Houston 3:53
14 The Lord Is My Shepherd (feat. Hezekiah Walker & the Love Fellowship Crusade Choir) Cissy Houston 4:24
15 Joy to the World (feat. The Georgia Mass Choir) Whitney Houston 4:41


  • By bigdaddy007

    Can I get A Amen

    This album is awesome. I still listen to it today like I just purchased it. I love the Lord is just priceless

    The Queen of Pop

    This album is absolutley amazing. Whitney shows how much she loves God through her beautiful songs like I Believe in You and Me, Step By Step, You Were Loved, My Heart Is Calling, I Love The Lord, Hold On Help is On the Way, I Go to the Rock, Who Would Imagine a King, and Joy to the World. She loves the Lord. Her Metso Soprano voice is the purest female voice I've ever heard in my life. "She is Every Woman, and it's all in her." And We Will Always Love Her. I know I will. I did not get in to Whitney's music until she died. She is the Greatest Love of All. She's the greatest female singer whoever lived. That's a fact. The Preacher's Wife movie was absolutley positively excellently perfection. It shows the hard times of the wife of a preacher, how after a while the preacher focuses more on his work in the church more than his wife. And the wife ends up having no excitement in life. And forgets that she can have excitement in life. Denzel Washington the angel sent by God shows Whitney Houston the Preacher's Wife how to have fun again and sing on stage like in the Jazz Club when she sang I Believe in You and Me. And in the end they all sing Joy to the World, to show their thanks to God for the Church being saved. Whitney, I will miss you so so so so so so so so much, and all the people on Earth who listened to your music will miss you so much too.
  • By Jahmani Sealy

    The Greatest Singer

    This is a truly amazing album. My favorite songs are " I Believe In You and Me" and "You Were Loved" you really should get this album it shows a really great side of Whitney Houston.
  • By amiepatkj

    I love the Lord

    All I can say is Wow, Whitney Houston singing I love the Lord brought me to tears tonight. Her voice was a gift from God to share with the world. We all have issues in life, and we all are sinners who fall down. But Gods grace and mercy, threw the shedding of the blood of Jesus Christ Gods only begotten son saved us all.
  • By Scholar58

    Truly Amazing.

    A beautiful album. I can't fathom how anyone could rate this under 5 stars. Whitney Houston was and always will be a legend in the world of music. RIP Whitney, you will be missed.
  • By IloveCHRISTalways


    "I love the LORD" and "Joy to the world" are amazing! GOD blessed her with an amazing voice!
  • By MarkyMark0707

    Whitney's Best!

    This album is 1 of the best Whitney compilations ever, if not The Best she ever recorded in studio. Her incomparable vocal range, integrity, texture, and strength combined with her sincere passion for singing songs of Gospel, truly took her gift of song to a new high on this soundtrack. With her keen musicality, she assisted in the arrangement production of nearly every song here & by doing so made the older songs of gospel, although incredible originally, come alive with a renewed sound of fresh vitality. It has been stated among the written reviews here that this soundtrack was somehow "underrated" or not fully appreciated in some aspects....I have to admit that I am confused slightly by that opinion and perception. Maybe it is that I lack a comprehension of what it entails for a soundtrack, LP, or album, whichever way one would relate, to be successful & given its dues? But as I personally recall, within the world of Gospel/Christian/Worship music....The Preacher's Wife soundtrack was, and I do believe that even currently, it garnered and holds the record for the most successful selling Gospel album of ALL TIME. Perhaps by mainstream standards, the volume of unit sales are not exceedingly high, however, within the realm of Gospel, it was unprecedented. It is even more incredible considering the populace in which the album was targeted toward....some of our brothers and sisters within the church can be extremely guarded, reserved and even dismissive of a mainstream "pop" artist covering the songs of ole that are enriched with deep deep roots from the past....Whitney herself has been on record confessing the unexpected sense of open arms and overwhelming acceptance, appreciation, and recognition she received with this album by "church goers" and the world of Gospel. I like to believe that she went on faith when creating this....and that it wasn't commercial success that she was aiming toward when doing it...I think that had the music impacted one heart or one soul, her expectations would've been more than reached. : )
  • By Fatty Rav


    I'm a major Whitney Houston fan. I have 6 of her albums and 2 of her films, plus random other singles that amount to virtually all her music from 1985-2000. This is, without a doubt, the best collection of Whitney material there is. While The Bodyguard comes as a close second, and the music from Waiting to Exhale is also excellent, gospel was Whitney's favorite, and it shows. "I Love the Lord" is the highlight here; the vocals are astounding, and no Whitney record showcases her soulfulness more than this one. Her take on "Joy to the World" literally makes me dance everytime I hear it. The rest of the gospel tracks are equally irresistible. The pop tracks here are great too!! Both versions of I Believe in You and Me are worth picking up, as she made them each unique. Step by Step is a great up-tempo for Whitney, while My Heart is Calling is a killer slow jam. Honestly, Somebody Bigger Than You and I is the only track I skip when I listen to this record. The rest of the songs make my heart so happy. Get this record as soon as you read this review. I promise you won't be sorry. Then go watch the movie, it's also her best! Love you Whitney...preach girl!
  • By toyav

    Overall Great Album

    I remember my mother & I use to listen to this all the time when I was younger. Even now I don't even listen to gospel music but I can listen to this all the way through. Whitney Houston had the greatest voice ever never will there be another! R.I.P. Ms. Houston you are truly missed!!! 💔😢
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