Yanni - Yanni Live At the Acropolis

"Yanni Live At the Acropolis" is a musical release by Yanni on 21 Feb, 1994. The content of the music is known to be non-xplicit and it contains a total of 10 song(s). You may check reviews for "Yanni Live At the Acropolis" in the review section below or view more songs and albums from Yanni by clicking the name.

Yanni Live At the Acropolis


  • Genre: New Age
  • Music Official Release Date: 1994-02-21
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Number Of Tracks: 10

  • ℗ 1994 BMG Entertainment
Yanni - Yanni Live At the Acropolis


NO Preview Title Artist Time
1 Santorini Yanni 6:57
2 Keys to Imagination Yanni 7:34
3 Until the Last Moment Yanni 6:37
4 The Rain Must Fall Yanni 7:24
5 Acroyali/Standing In Motion Yanni 8:50
6 One Man's Dream Yanni 3:35
7 Within Attraction Yanni 7:46
8 Nostalgia Yanni 5:46
9 Swept Away Yanni 9:21
10 Reflections of Passion Yanni 5:01


  • By C.Hyder

    Sounds like Laurel?

    Everytime I listen to this, all I can hear is Laurel.
  • By marinThe cat kid

    Most beautiful music I've ever heard

    Title says it all, it's just so beautiful words can't describe it. I especially like reflections of passion. Just so heartwarming. Whenever I'm stressed or upset, I listen to these songs. They make me enter a world like heaven, no terror, no fear or sadness, only this music warming my sol. I was very very very upset recently because something had happened. I didn't know what to do, so I just browsed the internet out of pure bordom. While browsing, I found yanny, and have been happy ever since. Thank you for all of the wonderful music, it always makes my day.Short form... I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Never gets boring or annoying, I could loop these tracks all my life. Thanks again for the wonderful and heartwarming tracks yanny.
  • By nice_girl87

    Wow this is ancient

    I remember when this came out on PBS. The greatest music ever!!
  • By Joan5230


    I absolutely love this album. When I am feeling stressed I listen to this and feel so much better. It’s simply amazing
  • By KHardwood11

    Love it but...

    Why isn't the drum solo included? Please update
  • By Colebella

    Oldie but goodie!

    Yes, I had this on cassette tape when it was first released. Then, I bought it on CD and now on my Apple devices... Yes, It is that awesome! The music creates emotions that reverberates into your soul! Can't wait to see Yanni on his 2016 tour! A must buy!
  • By GoldenTree12

    Awesome Album!!!

    This is a great set of songs!!! I love the first one. Yanni is so talented!!!
  • By kRSNasvAmi


    Words are superfluous.
  • By Waay to pricey

    Samvel yervinyan??

    Where in the world is Samvel yervinyan, he is a major part in these songs and deserves to have a solo, sorry but I can only rate this three stars
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