Zain Bhikha - A Way of Life

"A Way of Life" is a musical release by Zain Bhikha on 08 Oct, 2010. The content of the music is known to be non-xplicit and it contains a total of 25 song(s). You may check reviews for "A Way of Life" in the review section below or view more songs and albums from Zain Bhikha by clicking the name.

A Way of Life

Zain Bhikha

  • Genre: Singer/Songwriter
  • Music Official Release Date: 2010-10-08
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Number Of Tracks: 25

  • ℗ 2010 Zain Bhikha Studios
Zain Bhikha - A Way of Life


NO Preview Title Artist Time
1 A Way of Life (feat. Safiyya Beere) Zain Bhikha 1:58
2 25 Prophets Zain Bhikha 4:09
3 When I Grow Up (feat. Muhammad Bhikha & Safiyya Beere) Zain Bhikha 3:06
4 Althought I Never Saw His Face Zain Bhikha 3:53
5 Turn to Allah (feat. Salma Vallee & Muhammad Bhikha) Zain Bhikha 2:38
6 Muslim School Anthem (feat. Zakiyya Mohamed & Tasmiyah Gani) Zain Bhikha 2:53
7 Give Thanks to Allah Zain Bhikha 1:56
8 I am a Muslim (feat. Safiyya Beere) Zain Bhikha 2:07
9 Welcome O' Ramadaan Zain Bhikha 2:25
10 Eid un Sa'Eid Zain Bhikha 2:51
11 Salaamun Salaam Zain Bhikha 2:44
12 Which of Allah's Favours can we deny? Zain Bhikha 3:05
13 Forever (feat. Muhammad Bhikha) Zain Bhikha 3:06
14 Spread the Word Zain Bhikha 2:10
15 A Way of Life (Drum Version) [feat. Safiyya Beere] Zain Bhikha 1:58
16 25 Prophets (Drum Version) Zain Bhikha 4:14
17 When I Grow Up (Drum Version) [feat. Muhammad Bhikha & Safiyya Beere] Zain Bhikha 3:06
18 Although I Never Saw His Face (Drum Version) Zain Bhikha 3:53
19 Turn to Allah (Drum Version) [feat. Salma Vallee & Muhammad Bhikha] Zain Bhikha 2:38
20 Give Thanks to Allah (Drum Version) Zain Bhikha 1:56
21 I am a Muslim (Drum Version) [feat. Safiyya Beere] Zain Bhikha 2:07
22 Eid-un Sa'Eid (Drum Version) Zain Bhikha 2:54
23 Which of Allah's Favours can we deny? (Drum Version) Zain Bhikha 3:05
24 Forever (Drum Version) [feat. Muhammad Bhikha] Zain Bhikha 3:06
25 Spread the Word (Drum Version) Zain Bhikha 2:10


  • By Alughjg

    Good deeds

    This is really a good deed this is a good song I like it
  • By Muslim women


  • By RuwieTheAwesome

    25 prophets

    Nice song
  • By Sory diallo

    All album

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