Il Divo - Wicked Game

"Wicked Game" is a musical release by Il Divo on 04 Nov, 2011. The content of the music is known to be non-xplicit and it contains a total of 10 song(s). You may check reviews for "Wicked Game" in the review section below or view more songs and albums from Il Divo by clicking the name.

Wicked Game

Il Divo

  • Genre: Classical Crossover
  • Music Official Release Date: 2011-11-04
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Number Of Tracks: 10

  • ℗ 2011 Simco Limited under exclusive licence to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited
Il Divo - Wicked Game


NO Preview Title Artist Time
1 Wicked Game (Melanconia) Il Divo 4:13
2 Crying (Llorando) Il Divo 3:23
3 Don't Cry for Me Argentina Il Divo 5:14
4 Dov'è L'amore Il Divo 3:24
5 Falling Slowly (Te Prometo) Il Divo 4:06
6 Come What May (Te Amare) Il Divo 4:55
7 Senza Parole Il Divo 4:15
8 Stay (Ven a Mi) Il Divo 3:19
9 Sempre Sempre Il Divo 3:45
10 Time to Say Goodbye (Con Te Partirò) Il Divo 4:20


  • By CowboyGirl82


    Il Divo just makes me smile! Best music yet. You will love it!
  • By NYCCarlosCutie


    IL DIVO Wicked Game is their best CD to date!! Everything they do just gets better and better!!
  • By dcn1107


    Saw their concert in NYC 5/29/12 promoting Wicked Game. This album does not disappoint! Their vocalizations, harmonies and ability to reach the depths and heights of each musical score brings tears to the eyes. Wicked Game in my view is their best album yet.
  • By candy-gal


    From the very first time I heard you sing on opera I was hooked! And with each album you never disappoint! Thank you for lifting up my spirits each time I listen to you! You guys are worth every penny I spend on your album! God bless you!
  • By LiveLaughLoveCj

    Music that reaches your soul

    Stunning listen and find yourself lost in the orchestration and vocal gift that is Il Divo..... Beautifully done. Ive been a fan from the beginning; their stylings and vocal talents continue to produce magic!
  • By Thomas Eric

    Kind of 'meh.'

    Their voices have always been outstanding, but the arrangements on their records are so tacky usually. Just like Katherine Jenkins--fantastic potential, horrible production. They neutered "Time To Say Goodbye" just like she did, e.g. Zero drama. Zero elation in the way they sang it. For a truly breathtaking "populist" classical experience try Sarah Brightman's "Time To Say Goodbye." It's a 15-year old record and its still the best in its class. Or Hayley Westenra or one of Andrea Bocelli's earlier records.
  • By BeautifulMissouri

    Beautiful and Inspiring

    I have purchased every album released by Il Divo, and traveled great distances several times to see them in concert. Even though I don't understand most of the words they sing, their music lifts my soul--especially the soaring voice of Carlos. I just wish they would record an entire album in English. -- Judy
  • By Sonicnerd92


    Ok, I'll admit, I perfer hard rock/heavy metal, and rap/hip hop over classical/opera, but these guys are AMAZING! If you're new to this style of music (like myself), I would recomend listening to their songs in English first so you can get an idea of what they sound like. The songs I recomend for someone new to them would be Wicked Game, Mama, and Ti Amore. I really enjoy their music
  • By Kronkie-Poo

    Beyond the Vocalizations of Il Divo's Divinty!!

    Without question, this is Divo's most powerful album of their career. The power of their vocalizations exceed even the deep, depthful chambers of the halls of the Benedictine and Gregorian chants. Although, I was a little taken aback at the first tune of "Don't Cry for me Argentina", however, even as I remember other artists who have sung the classic as Andrew Lloyd Webber made popular on stage, even I have to admit that I would prefer Il Divo's portrait of Webber's musical baby. With a foreign language version of "Come What May", it had a surprising start of harmony and tune, in my opinion. I do like it very much as much as the Mario Frangoulis version had only English lyrics, but there's just always something about a song in either language other than English that I like more better. I just like hearing music in other languages so as to increase one's ability to not only sing in it but to also speak it more better. Sometime's it's better to culture yourself through music of its country's origin. "Time to Say Goodbye", heh, that is one song that I don't think there is not one music artist alive today would screw up or mess up, despite the difference in vocal stylings. That's a song that is right there beside Turandot's "Nessun Dorma". All the while, a great album is just as great as the voice or (voices) behind it. "Wicked Game"- even the title to the album's first song gives a taste of a "haunting" abode to it; it rather delves one's senses into a surreal and ethereal beauty of music's "other side"; using these same words, I say the same for "Senza Parole", my favorite one on the whole entire album. If you listen more than once to it, you can feel a "fire" in not only its melody but in the deep, bassy beautiful voice of Carlos giving it a taste of something entirley and eternally immortal; I have found that this song will never leave my memory until the day I die; for "Llorando,Crying" is where they stepped inside of a grand cathedral and began the "chanting" of the divine that is the gift which is the golden voice of HIS Divo's. Hearing this song alone can give you a sense of calm and ease. So, to finish this review, this is not only their most powerful album but most of all, the most dramatic. It is an album that is completely not of this reality but of a peaceful and calmer one where only you can be surrounded by a glorious change of place and sound. And to the many fans of Il Divo, take my word for it, I have felt this before and you will love it. And to the great voices that is Il Divo: you have exceeded yourselves well beyond the divine. You should give yourselves a new artist name: The Glorious.
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