Getter - I Want More

"I Want More" is a musical release by Getter on 05 Feb, 2013. The content of the music is known to be non-xplicit and it contains a total of 8 song(s). You may check reviews for "I Want More" in the review section below or view more songs and albums from Getter by clicking the name.

I Want More


  • Genre: Dance
  • Music Official Release Date: 2013-02-05
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Number Of Tracks: 8

  • ℗ 2013 Firepower Records
Getter - I Want More


NO Preview Title Artist Time
1 Papercuts Getter 3:53
2 Clutch (Getter Remix) 12Gauge 3:42
3 Gunshots Getter 4:45
4 Crack That Getter & Slosh 3:54
5 Aggravate Getter 3:52
6 Fallout Getter 3:58
7 I Want More Getter 5:20
8 Lose Focus (feat. Snak the Ripper) Getter, Datsik & The Frim 4:27


  • By Uchiha 312

    Wow! Getter Is Great!

    iTunes' Excision Radio helped me find Getter, and I haven't been this happy to find a new EDM artist since I found Excision.
  • By old man25

    Best LP Ever

    15 out of 10
  • By SparkyDub420

    Great Album

    I love Getter. This whole album is sick! My favorite song is Lose Focus. Very awesome bass. Recommend getting the whole album.
  • By D00DA

    Sick awesome Drops!

    Getter should be more known. Every one of his songs are sick!
  • By Afro Bl4ck

    Watch out Skrillex

    Before this I had perfect hearing. After this IM DEAF OF EXTREME BASS
  • By B17 R473

    Yes, I definitely want more!!!

    I first discovered Getter's work back in September 2012 and became an instant fan. Before this LP came out, I fell in love with his "Psycho" EP. His dynamics and variety changes with every single EP and LP he releases. On this LP there are bangers ranging from hardcore Brostep and Horrorstep to tooth-gnashing Drumstep & Darkstep. Gunshots is a hardcore Drumstep track that will have you thinking that you are flying in the eye of a hurricane. Papercuts reminds me a lot of Getter's previous track Psycho featuring Inja, but it has even more of an edge to it. The track this LP is named for, I Want More, is the first time I've heard Getter go into 100-110 BPM range. It turns out that it worked out very well for him, and I hope he experiments more with that style of EDM in the future. Aggravate is definitely a great track as well, especially with the amazing sample work with the "Angry FPS Player." Lastly, Fallout definitely is my favorite track off of this LP. It has a "desctructoid" feel to it, like seeing a massive mech army rampaging down a city street, destroying everything in sight. The sample work on all of these songs is superb. This is definitely worth the $8 charged. It's to see Getter branching out into such a diverse style!
  • By Thatourguy

    Buy track 7! AMAZING !

    I WANT MORE!!!
  • By eX-aLt

    Great! But question...

    How is this an LP? I thought LPs had to be 10+ songs. Bc there are albums with 9 songs and are considered an EP. Please help.
  • By Ballslapper


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