Beyoncé - BEYONCÉ

"BEYONCÉ" is a musical release by Beyoncé on 13 Dec, 2013. The content of the music is known to be explicit and it contains a total of 33 song(s). You may check reviews for "BEYONCÉ" in the review section below or view more songs and albums from Beyoncé by clicking the name.



  • Genre: Pop
  • Music Official Release Date: 2013-12-13
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Number Of Tracks: 33

  • ℗ 2013 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment
Beyoncé - BEYONCÉ


NO Preview Title Artist Time
1 Pretty Hurts Beyoncé 4:17
2 Haunted Beyoncé 6:09
3 Drunk in Love (feat. Jay Z) Beyoncé 5:23
4 Blow Beyoncé 5:09
5 No Angel Beyoncé 3:48
6 Partition Beyoncé 5:19
7 Jealous Beyoncé 3:04
8 Rocket Beyoncé 6:31
9 Mine (feat. Drake) Beyoncé 6:18
10 XO Beyoncé 3:35
11 ***Flawless (feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie) Beyoncé 4:10
12 Superpower (feat. Frank Ocean) Beyoncé 4:36
13 Heaven Beyoncé 3:50
14 Blue (feat. Blue Ivy) Beyoncé 4:26
15 Pretty Hurts (Video) Beyoncé 7:04
16 Ghost (Video) Beyoncé 2:31
17 Haunted Beyoncé 5:21
18 Drunk in Love (feat. Jay Z) Beyoncé 6:21
19 Blow (Video) Beyoncé 5:25
20 No Angel (Video) Beyoncé 3:53
21 Yoncé Beyoncé 2:02
22 Partition Beyoncé 3:49
23 Jealous (Video) Beyoncé 3:26
24 Rocket (Video) Beyoncé 4:29
25 Mine (feat. Drake) [Video] Beyoncé 4:59
26 XO (Video) Beyoncé 3:35
27 ***Flawless (feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie) [Video] Beyoncé 4:12
28 Superpower (feat. Frank Ocean) [Video] Beyoncé 5:24
29 Heaven (Video) Beyoncé 3:55
30 Blue (feat. Blue Ivy) [Video] Beyoncé 4:35
31 Grown Woman (Bonus Video) Beyoncé 4:24
32 Credits (Video) Beyoncé 2:34


  • By shunkristopher


    Best album
  • By Glossylynn


  • By scoopsimm


    Over it.
  • By AlanDP1881


    My dog in a dress howling at the moon sounds better than this. It was so bad it’s almost funny!
  • By Romeyyyy

    Not a big fan of beyonce

    Overrated!!!!!! try’s to be like Rihanna
  • By curtttis


    So much better than panic at the discos garbage music
  • By Xavier Rion


    ONLY BEYONCÉ can pull off something like this! Self-titled is literally her sexiest album ever and I’m always loving for it!!!
  • By droopnoop

    A work of art!

    Beyoncé not only vocally demolishes the music industry, but she also sends a message to all of her haters out there. Beyoncé is a grown woman... I don’t know why people hate on her for making her music. If you think it’s too sexual then you are tasteless and sexless. She is trying to show that you can be a mother and still be sexy. She is appreciating herself and her body and doing it wonderfully. If you don’t like it move on.... at the end of the day she went on a world tour and made millions off this piece of art.
  • By Trust and Us


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